Sustainability and Philanthropy on DeFi

Decentralized Foundation is a DeFi farming protocol on Avalanche. We’re the first automated platform that helps you earn more and donate more.

By investing in DEFO, our DeFi experts' curate and manage the best investment available and redistribute them to our investors. A portion of that yield is used to give back to those in need. Both the investments and the charity donations are fully transparent, so you can see exactly where your money is going!


We want to use DeFi to make the world a better place. DeFi moves a tremendous amount of money, and we want to use some of it to help the most in need. You will be able to both make money AND improve people's lives.

A percentage of the protocol will go towards a charity wallet. Each week the community votes on which charity to contribute towards, and the funds from that week will be donated!


DEFO’s reward structure was made with sustainability in mind. It still provides great returns, but at a rate that is sustainable for the protocol. This way you can trust that we will be here for many years to come!

We have many mechanisms in place to ensure token longevity, including:

Price stabilizer.

Reward tapers.

Daily limits

And more!


Our promise to all our investors.

4/6 Multi-Signature Wallet.

Liquidity Lock.

2 Contract Audits.

Public Treasury.

Public transaction log.

Public team expenses and profits.

Who We Are at DEFO

DEFO Co-Founder

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DEFO Co-Founder

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Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast, leading teams for over 10 years and currently focusing on bringing the world a bit closer together through inclusion.

Chief Marketing Officer

Passionate about learning and innovation. Over 8 years of experience in marketing and community management. A big believer in the effective altruism movement, aligned with DEFO's values.

Chief Technology Officer

Software engineer with almost 10 years of experience, developing products from scratch in the most diverse markets. Experience in leading teams and projects from paper to production.

Smart Contract Developer

Passionate builder and problem solver - has built complex systems and will continue to build more. Currently pursuing college degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems

Smart Contract Developer

A nerd with a lifelong dream of understanding the internet. Vast experience in cloud computing, smart contract development, and cybersecurity.

Mathematical modelling

Graduating in Computational Mathematics with a focus in machine learning and automation.  Has a strong passion for decentralization and uplifting the living conditions of all people.

Smart Contract Developer

Passionate DeFi builder. Experience in Smart Contracts, Gas optimizations, Scripts (BOT) and security vulnerabilities.

How DEFO Works

DEFO allows you benefit from DeFi in the easiest manner possible!

Buy DEFO and DAI

Buy DEFO on SwapSicle DEX

Create a Yield Gem

You can create a yield gem directly on our dApp

Get Paid Each Week

You will receive rewards each week!

The DEFO Tokenomics

Our tokenomics are made with the goal of long-term sustainability

DEFO+DAI hybrid model

75% for treasury and reward pool funding

25% for the liquidity pool

Ready to make a difference in the world while benefitting from DeFi growth?